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A Look on Different Methods of Polishing concrete!

The many advances in technology have meant that it is now possible to grind concrete such that it is reproduced as highly polished flooring. Its hardness, durability and easy maintenance have meant that it is now the preferred type of concrete grinding Brisbane flooring for most commercial and private buildings. The process of polishing concrete is very similar to that of sanding wood. Specialized machines are used to make the concrete smooth by grinding it in diamond abrasive equipment. Depending on the type of fineness required, it is possible to move from fine to very finely ground concrete.

Those building owners that find marble hard to procure would be happy to go for Epoxy Warehouse Floors Brisbane. It is easy to maintain, comes in highly polished versions that could pass for marble and comes at a relatively cheap price. The process of polishing is a special one that makes use of special tools and equipments. It is a process that involves multiple steps to achieve goo results. While there are basic procedures for arriving at the finished product, each job may be unique and require slightly different steps.

Methods of polishing concrete

Concrete floors Brisbane can be polished using a dry or wet method. While each has its pros and cons, most manufacturers prefer to go for the dry method simply because it is a faster option. In wet polishing water is used. The wet method is more effective when it comes to the aggregate being exposed. However a lot of slurry is generated which brings up issues of environmental concerns especially when it comes to proper disposal. Dry polishing requires no water as the polisher is attached to a containment equipment that sucks up all the dust and leaves the place clean.

Steps used in polishing concrete

There are different steps involved in floor polishing brisbane: understand the condition of the concrete, prepare the surface, start polishing, densify the concrete, final polishing, and protecting the concrete.

  • Understanding the concrete; to be able to polish an existing floor, you have to first check out for things like cracks, existing polish or mastic. If the coating on the floor is minor, it can be easily removed by the grinding action of the diamond abrasive.
  • Prepare the surface; this step requires removal of any polishing and coating that may be on the floor. Any cracks or joints on the floor may be filled up at this time.
  • Start polishing; after the coat is removed and any cracks filled up, it is now time to start coarse grinding. This is the first step that prepares the epoxy flooring brisbane for the other processes.
  • Densify the concrete; once the floor is coarse ground, a chemical is applied to the floor which helps to harden and protect it.
  • Final polishing; this step usually involves giving the floor a final polished look using diamond abrasive imbedded in resin.
  • Protect flooring; once you have the desired look, it will be wise to apply protective covering.
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